We are looking for potential distributors:

As a producer of ready-made CareCOMM solutions - virucidal and bactericidal lamps in UVC LED technology, we are open to cooperation in the distribution of our products. We are looking for reliable partners who want to take part with us in the technological revolution related to the change of the traditional source of UVC radiation to LED technology in the broad disinfection and sterilization sector.


If you represent a company that sees the potential in the market for UVC LED technology and wants to distribute the CareCOMM brand, please contact us.

Together, we can change the way we fight viruses, bacteria, fungi and molds.

Special Use:

As LED technology is now available in UVC radiation, new places of disinfection application appear, which:

  • it is safer - no mercury and lead

  • does not use chemicals

  • does not require the strength of human hands

  • does not affect changes in inanimate structures

  • does not change the taste of food products

  • does not heat the disinfected surfaces

  • has several times longer service life

We encourage you to contact manufacturers who are interested in using UVC LED disinfection in their products. We can supply UVC LED to your end products or production line.


Thanks to the team of engineers and production capabilities, we are able to respond to the wide demand of our customers and partners expecting

the use of UVC in LED technology.

Contact us.



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